The Innovators in Laser Control Technology

Left to right – Jon Larsen and Howard Moore

The brain child of Jon Larsen & Howard Moore, backed by the financial strength and vision of the Hughes Armstrong Industries Group

Laser Control Solutions was formed by Jon Larsen and Howard Moore, both of whom have over 25 years’ experience in the laser industry.They have an unparalleled depth of expertise in their individual fields and have built long and lasting relationships with many of the key organisations within the laser industry.

In January 2013 Laser Control Systems joined Hughes Armstrong Corporate Investment and became part of the Hughes Armstrong Industries Group in August 2014. This has allowed Laser Control Systems to expand its area of operations in the Europe, India, Russia and North America.

After 5 years of intensive research and development, Jon Larsen and Howard Moore have launched the innovative and high performance Digi-Cube & Digi-Cube II, revolutionary digital scan heads that cost less than most analogue models, and the feature rich Digi-Struct Laser Marking Control Software, cards and devices.

Several more advanced laser control products are now in the pipeline.