The Innovators in Laser Control Technology

Other digital scan heads available on the market can be many times more expensive and cannot begin to match the price and performance of the Digi-Cube.

In fact the only thing that restricts the speed of the galvanometer ( an impressive 1K impressions per second ) are the laws of physics. The Digi-Cube operating system uses DSP technology to rapidly compute and predict the exact drive impulses required to achieve small mirror movements with the fastest possible acceleration.

Once the Digi-Cube is switched on, it performs a detailed self diagnosis and system check to determine the operating parameters of the individual galvos. This ensures the accuracy and positioning of the laser marking is precise and error free – something that cannot be guaranteed with analogue models which often have to undergo complicated manual recalibration procedures after prolonged use. This is particularly important in the marking of components in the semi-conductor industry where positional accuracy is paramount. If speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and long term reliability are your requirements – the Digi-Cube is the intelligent choice.

Improved Performance

Where marking time is limited by galvo performance, rather than laser power, a 50% to 100% speed improvement could be expected.


  • Increased productivity with significantly faster scan speeds
  • Fits easily into any new or existing production line
  • ‘Plug-and-Play’ system simplifies installation and compatibility
  • Much lower heat generation than other DSP scan heads, the Digi-Cube runs as cool as a typical analogue scan head
  • Improved dynamic performance
  • Fast ‘On the Fly’ processing
  • Small mirror moves without waiting for feedback
  • Simpler and faster set-up
  • Scale & offset pot only
  • Most cost-effective and unbeatable method of increasing performance of your scan heads
  • Automatic tuning checks when powered up
  • Compatible with analogue scan heads using the XY2-100 protocol
  • Reduced temperature drift
  • The robust and durable case protects against particle ingress

Improved Field Serviceability

As the Digi-Cube has self tuning technology it is now possible to replace just the scanners or the mirrors. This eliminates the expense of either calling out a service technician to tune in replacements or the need to return the scan head to base.

This saves both time and money – and enhances your system’s reputation and decreases downtime for your customers.

Typical applications

  • High Accuracy Laser Marking
  • Scribing / Engraving
  • Welding
  • Photovoltaic Production
  • Trimming
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • On the Fly Processing
  • Laser 3D Printing
  • Scanner Control Systems in medical equipment
Digi-Cube Specifications ( DSP controlled 10mm XY Scan Head )
Power supply requirement +24/-24V 4A
Maximum current drive to galvo 10A
Quiescent power draw ( no marking ) <10W
Positioning speed m/s 10 - 20
Marking speed m/s 3 - 6
Precision writing cps 500
High quality writing cps 1000
Resolution urad 10urad
1% step response setting to 0.1% fs 0.28ms
Scale drift ppm/C <40
Zero drift urad/C <10
Linearity % 99.9
Short term repeatability urad <8
Dither RMS <10urad
Weight 2.2kg
A 52mm
B 25mm
C 115mm
D 145mm
E 150mm
F 118mm