The Innovators in Laser Control Technology

A vast array of different one dimensional and two dimensional codes are available from installation including QR codes, Datamatrix UPC and EAN.

Supports TrueType fonts, including Unicode, and a variety of different script styles.

Fulfils the demands of an ever more globalised identification and labelling market. Digi-Struct also comes with 11 different laser vector fonts providing legible characters in the fastest possible timeframe.

A large number of different date and time options are available.

Provides the ultimate flexibility of date and time coding while remaining simple to use through a date/time wizard. Customisable date/time strings can also be made using a list of easily entered commands with minimal syntax.

Provides a variety of line styles, giving you full control of the laser marking process.

Perforation of pieces can be achieved by a few clicks of a mouse and custom line styles are available to perform specific tasks.

Supports images and artwork in a variety of standard formats including .dxf and .svg.

Makes adding logos and images to products quick and easy. With no tooling to consider, brands and logos can be changed,

The automated test matrix makes the fine tuning of your marks faster and easier.

This gives you the best possible contrast using the shortest amount of time and using as little material as possible.

By utilising the automated test matrix tool, a number of different effects created by the laser source can be marked on to a single swatch of sample material and can easily be identified and refined using the grid within the automated test matrix.

3D capabilities allows for subtractive 3D printing
( removing material instead of adding ).

Utilises a versatile ‘Slicing’ system, breaking down a complex 3D project into easy-to-handle 2 dimensional layers.

digi-card Scan Head Controller – Software Board & Extension Boards

Combines a powerful 1GHz processor on a compact platform with a scalable architecture and low thermal output. This allows laser OEM’s to integrate the software into their current design pipeline easily and efficiently.

YAG and CO2 lasers are supported out of the box, whilst the easy-to-connect extension boards can be added to interface with fibre laser sources such as IPG®, SPI®, iLuma®, Raycus and all other commercially available laser sources.

The Digi-Card sports a 100Mb Ethernet connection allowing for the rapid transfer of data between a PC and the laser control software which is stored on the 4GB micro SD card containing all the laser marking programmes. The programmes can then be selected by software commands or by utilising the I/O expansion board.

digi-link Control Box

An easy-to-use feature of the Digi-Struct Software allows up to 254 different laser marking programmes to be created on a Laptop or Desktop computer.

These programmes can then be downloaded on to a micro SD card and inserted into the Digi-Link Control Box.

When the Digi-Card Scan Head Controller Board is connected to the Digi-Link it allows the user to select the appropriate programme and externally control laser stop/start functions, removing the need for a Laptop/Desktop on the shop floor -saving time, eliminating programming error and preventing any unauthorised access or interference with the laser marking.

The Digi-Link control box can also receive instructions via an Ethernet connection allowing full factory integration.

NOTE – Digi-Struct Software, Digi-Card Scan Head Controller & Extension Boards and Digi-Link Control Box are only compatible with the Digi-Cube Scan Heads.