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Exhibiting at Laser India 2015 showcasing Digi-Cube II

Laser Control Systems will be exhibiting at Laser India 2015, New Delhi India September 9th – 11th 2015, showcasing their latest new advanced Digi-Cube II – it’s the future of high speed laser marking

The new 4th generation Digi-Cube II is the UK designed and manufactured Digital  Laser Scan Head from Laser Control Systems that’s not just ahead of its time – it’s the future for laser marking. This is the new compact version of the original and innovative Digi-Cube that sets whole new standards for speed and reliability and comes with a No Hassle, 2 Year Warranty as standard.

The Digi-Cube II offers enhanced servo digital drive electronics which produces consistently higher performance for significantly less than the cost of most analogue models which cannot begin to match the attributes  of this new laser scan head. The Digi-Cube II is also available with an IP55 rating version for applications requiring this standard.

Digi-Cube II has been designed for easy OEM design integration and plug-and-play replacement for existing analogue scan heads and uses XY2-100 Communication Protocol as standard. The operating system uses DSP technology to rapidly compute and predict the exact drive impulses required to achieve small mirror movements with the fastest possible acceleration. In fact the only thing that restricts the speed of the galvanometer (an impressive 1K impressions per second ) are the laws of physics.

The Digi-Cube & Digi-Cube II are now also configured to interface with the new, unique Digi-Struct Software. Digi-Struct software has all the functionality you will require and comes complete with a compact laser control card for ease of integration. The Digi-Struct system allows up to 256 different laser marking programmes  to  downloaded on to a SD card. When this card is inserted into the control card, all the user has to do is key in the relevant programme number in a key board operated control box. This dispenses with the need for a laptop on the shop floor – saving time, eliminating programming error and preventing any unauthorised access or interference with the laser marking programme.

As with all the Laser Control System Scan Heads, once the Digi-Cube II is switched on, it performs a detailed self-diagnosis and system check to confirm the accuracy and positioning of the laser marking – something that cannot be guaranteed with analogue models. This is particularly important in the marking of components in the semi-conductor industry where positional accuracy is paramount.

If speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and long term reliability are a requirement – Digi-Cube Laser Scan Heads the intelligent choice for  reliability, accuracy and quality.

See us at Laser World of Photonics India Exhibition New Delhi September 2015, Stand number G21 (HA) in Hall 7G


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